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he'd never forget
his marionette
pure innocence
through and through
in her dress
of blue so fragile
so sweet
never dreamed she'd meet
such a man who seemed
more wonderful than
prince charming
and he was disarming
while he tried to gain control
of her very soul

she'd been told to leave a light on
in the dark of night but
drawn to the shadows
that played in moonlight
she blew out the candle of safety and
she put her untouched hand into his hand
as he took her to his home
and wrote her a poem
where he lived with the wasp and the spider
he tried her patience
but he persevered
he seduced her then refused her
then induced her till she begged

too late for her to learn to walk
away from the talk in the puppeteer's mouth
as he lowered the strings
down into his hole
he had possession of her broken soul

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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some of this is missing? i typed the whole thing in. nevermind it showed up

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this very interesting. I like the rap sound of it as I read it over a few times. The last two times I read it, I read it faster and then the last time, it really got me! I enjoyed this immensely. ~ Geezer.

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Hello, Cathy,
I can see you've been here awhile, but I am fairly new so I haven't had the chance to read much of your poetry, yet. So much here in this poem! I almost get a dark "vampire" feeling from it - very seductive. But there is also a sad loss of innocence. Pretty sure I will come back to read again.
Thank you!

dear cathy very nice to meet you. puppets!
I felt the very dark side to this as if an evil man was controlling a women. it brought great imagery and very strong emotion for me, the ending is perfectly written "her soul gone" thought provoking and a pleasure to read.

Thank you...Teddy

thank you so much for the compliments. i wrote this for a challenge in a dark poetry group. teddy you are right on. and so is everyone. i love all kinds of poetry, including the dark

author comment
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