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Love Has Gained It Also Has Lost

dresses, make up, bras & cigarette

humanities heaviest of cost
one must learn to put self on a shelf
to surrender to unconditional acceptance
love is the essence of one's existence

it extends between both time and space
when I look deep into her eyes
it is then I see a future
filled with hope for a better tomorrow

amidst the sadness and sorrow
still I have become cumbersome with this world
left in peril as if some terror

still love lights the way
it should go on display
to light the match that ignited the flame
not having her in my arms is driving me insane

love has gained it also has lost
cupboards are bare
when there's a dozen of pots in my sink
can't even think to dismiss this Earthly bliss in a time well spent in thought

Review Request (Intensity): 
Please use care (this is a sensitive subject for me, do not critique harshly)
Editing stage: 


You show the depression of lost love, but there are too many words in some lines. Be careful of sounding like having love is not having dirty pots in the sink and bare cupboards! She thinks that romance and love is tender kisses and gifts of time and thoughtful gestures like maybe doing those dishes for her once in a while. I hope that I didn't sound too harsh, I really like the idea that you are trying to achieve, just think that you had better be more clear about the things that you miss about her~ Geezer.

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