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On Life...

Nothing learned is new,
there’s nought we come to know
is useful in life’s game.
Though striving to be true
we’re caught up in the flow,
to end up much the same.

I’ve not imparted much
the slightest feather’s touch,
through trepidation.

Existence a mere sham?
Why therefor think, I am?

Editing stage: 


If it's true that we come here to learn things, that only a physical being can, then your piece suggests that you have already learned most things.
Then if this is also true then enjoy the fact of being on this earth plain and do the best you can to assist others in their learning curve.
This seems to be a cry for truth, it is there within you.
Yours as always, Ian

"Therefore" needs that "E" on the end it looks better..

There is a need for critique on all poems
to make Neopoet Great
so please read more and comment more.

To all of you,
I send unconditional love.
Learn to love yourself first,
then the rest is easy.

this poem, if it deserves such a title, was written in mood of fun, almost mischief, it is certainly not worthy of any serious consideration or comment. thank you for reading.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

author comment


which you have a perfect right to. Thank you for taking the time to read. I am sorry you found it such a waste of your precious time. I have always held that I am a rhymer, not a poet.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

author comment
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