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Let Me out

Let me out you dark destroyer,
let me out of your dark alcove.
You must not hold me here,
Away from my one true love.

I want to know her sweet light,
such light that shines my day;
I want to see it full bright
the spirit light of allway.

So let me out dark destroyer
to the vast and open sky
And not in your shade hold me,
I would see the small bird fly.

Just let me go dark destroyer
let soul spread out, higher
not held to your leaden shores,
eyes crying for source fire.

Just let me free dark destroyer
to rise from your leaden sands,
up, to merge into first light
and know where the spirit stands!

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The yearning to see your love comes through. But I might be too dense but I'm not able to figure out who or what is holding you captive. I especially like the line "I would see the small bird fly"

Its another take on that age old discussion between spirit and body, trying to take both to polar opposites.


The most powerful reaction
of mind on mind
is transference of sight

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