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Late Alfred Digit

Late Alfred Digit

I received a large registered letter today
It was strange as it came from far away
It was from some unrecognised attorney
It said contact him, as it would benefit me

They were sorry about the delay from them
The information was from way back when
At school in my sixth form years I had a friend
I was kind to him, and to him did money lend

He said I told him that it mattered not about repay
It wasn't that much I gave him that cold day
Yet here a letter he had left for me in neat hand
About that day and how he thought it so grand

He related how his childhood had been back then
The beatings, rows, the hate thrown at the children
It took a time for me to recall his name, and face
I always knew his treatment was a total disgrace.

Bruises, cuts and broken limbs, and things not seen
These were day to day normal life's things to him
I would talk to him most days, how my day had been
I felt useless in those childhood days as we played.

It took me a few days to organise the trip to his town
There in a grand room and comfy chair I settled down
In came the attorney with papers held under his arm
He treated me as if I was a lord with much charm

Are you Jack Sparrow originally of Burnham on Sea
I replied yes that is me and where I use to be.
Your friend Alfred Digit, late of Sea View Cottage there
He said in sorrowful words that didn't seem so clear.

I am sorry to say, that he passed away on the fourth of May
He was admitted to hospital there, after being hurt at the fair
I am sorry it took us so long to find you, and let you know
He was a secretive man, it is only now is papers are just so.

He left you all of his things, for being good to him
All his life after, he would always remembers that shilling.
Though his life was bad it was the only bit of kindness he had
In his life of hurt and misery inherited from his Mum and Dad

I felt such emotion on hearing that one deed from me
Was the only good thing that he felt in his whole life to be.
Sea View Cottage, insurance a bounty, cars numbering three
I just sat back in disbelief at hearing the list of things.

At the end of our meeting the Attorney said to me
There is one extra letter that is here for you to see
I took it from his hand; it felt so heavy the writing grand
I left , returned to the hotel room stayed at for this meeting.

I opened the letter in the light of the day streaming through
Now you can understand what it said, as I have related it to you
I cried that all this killing had taken place from a child I knew
I just thought that after the authorities, I would relate to you.

As I didn't need Alfred's money I gave it to a good cause
That would look after children who had a bad start in life.
The cottage was sold as a holiday home for ones that didn't know
The money built a sanctuary where ill treated children could go

I hope that out there no more Digits flare up from humanity.
Though in this day and age is a thing I cannot in truth see
I hope that now we cannot change the past for something good
The things he did will not be condoned though I hope understood .

Yours J Sparrow

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Digit is now gone maybe one day there will be others we shall have to wait and see, Yours Ian.T
Editing stage: 


wow Ian! This is quite a long elegy and a very well executed telling thereof! How much is fact? How much fiction?
Interesting indeed!

This is a complete fiction and the end to a serial killer that I wrote about after I received his papers from the Attorney,lol
There are 7 parts to Digit and the killings he did, this piece is to put him away for ever, I will see where the other parts are..
They should be on the list of my works that you can access, if you go to my profile and scan down to my other works.
These were written just as a fun write (Killing Fun ???) as Gee has his killer and Carrie has one, I just joined in the clan..
My usual pieces are of the Spirit world and some that are whatever the trend is lol.
Great to have a comment from you and good to see you taking part here, I hope that you are having a good time with Neopoet.
Take care and always rem I am here if you need to ask,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

author comment

Inspired me....I think I need to bring Nevermore back. She has been silent for a while.

Keep Writing,

"Quoth said the Raven, NEVERMORE"

All is revealed. Couldn't be a better ending! Though ( in a strange sort of way ) it will be sad not to have digit around! At least something good came out of something bad.

I like the underlying message!

I have a sneaky feeling that one day he may re-appear. Lol

Love Mand xxxx

They supposedly identified the body but who knows if it was him, they say that the body didn't have any fingers or thumbs LOL
Take care and thanks for your visit,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

author comment

I thought this was wonderful! That Alfred remembered that kindness throughout a life first ruined by abusive parents and ruin continued by the negative, murderous being his parents had created, was really a support, I think, for that age-old cry of "There was some good in him, I just know!" That Jack did not enumerate Alfred's crimes, merely generalized enough to make a chill go up my spine, was a very gentlemanly way to let the reader know the depth of sorrow and pity Jack felt. Reading your background on the contents of this poem certainly adds to the chilling reality of it. Brilliant.

Thank you for your read and I see you must have most or all of the writes of Digit from the previous streams.
I had to end his rampage as it is not my field of writing I am of the love and flowers side lol, (60's Child at 20 odd) but I enjoyed the change as bad as it was.
I have a gentler piece in "Cata" the Master Stone Mason which was a much harder piece to write as it had to fit into the history of stone.
That is for a workshop and is on going so there is much work to do on that one, and I may go through it and put a bit of form in there , then maybe not lol.
Thanks for having a read and glad it stirred a few things,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

author comment
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