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Kakadu [lex 5 alp. slb.]

so our lamps wallow long,
throug-h the night, so long a night
in Kakadu laples-s bestra-ddle
unclas-p lucre pebble auguri-es
incong-rous viciss-itude and expulp-ate
necces-sessit-ated likr cecil Ehekhh-aigbe,
red rain, fizzled walnut wounde-d warrio-r
refugees immaculate cactus fawn parsley
cabriolet husk coconut fate scald grail desert eagle
alabaster caramel frieze sabre sable
washed braille draper shadow Cheryl peerage
walrus bureau swoon the goon
toon soon boon placid-brazz
baize chamfered curtain and may-fly
gadfly tick cripples ebonized guilt
acanthus tawny gillows wick
folio flambeaux and baggage's steering Fermanagh
patrai trees to narrated spirit child
debris in hollow amethyst elephant
winds gush flush sewage see wage of
Bobeches nozzles shook vespers vagaries
steel like Serounia that bore Zaria
raiment in the day of sand toffee duchess
pulp sphinx mangle amputee soul
newt Milanese embroider seamstress gossamer
magnolia water-fowl, deserted legs ran still
Asian man nomad palmares panye
potpourri hedgehog thumb bigger than
manifest man first can Apprille apparel
microfiche Thames, flesh clan spirit fist
spirit tan esprit feast bittern
fluorine utensils hearing from the graves
die unholy to dirt globule lunar
clod fugue in the attic, a tick,
lunatic frantic thick berate Kakadu
pal cravings art perennial renders reindeer
rave petal tongue tip tittles, stow stork
trip stiff cliff leaflet let...... leave! Sasquatch draconian
creep pit till tilt wilt splint spliff mulberries
cherry berry beryl queer, maybe as pregnancy
men are to scratch their hatch
to deliver plight infancy Jaffar tapestry
reprimand grand mudslide muddle grant
April flit flutter flute flu
fleet feet by heel sit keel, reel lyre
claque retrieve pie pied hype pipe
maybe[porcupied] porcupine purple pine Rhine
apples spine spy pile, mile isle Nile
vase Freya flair lair omen marble
jasmine jam in vitamins nymph bionic
volup, rich caliph car leaf nude lymph searing
a dragonfly on apple-bee's , slaved dress
of flesh tantrum crag unicorn scuff gloss
aqua aquaculture green burning oil cloying
strong death weakening tassels damsel, string
nightingales also gain to gleam, ivory crown camels
prince with flea concubine serf serve
as the loon antlers, pan brook unto nook
nocturnal cleric bat, whispers the mothers pass
distant for the ferret of grass flax.

camels forfeited loaded rodeo goad
fortified shanty insults of pariah food
like gravy porridge facade fanning of oak
desultory desert history, drain cashew death seed
scathe pin by the cordal pluck duck doc
suckers shoeing glue shoeing wallop
cobbler cobra of shilling regions
fishes and crocodile meal from the splendor
Beatles, chestnut glut forks strident
chopsticks double dutch lampoon thyroid
ease discrete search light firmament
of dug ears android druid, dregs dug lull
siren Saracen moor lantern lintel
concrete jungle with wall voices Mandrake
poise dross for senseless noise porpoise Terebinth
phew! phew! sockets weir the judicature nose
roses for red bristle maw lemon grass
linen eyes the context of blood,
sacred as the killers best friend
swiftly upon the revolving door
valedictorian luminary
levy price for spoons Levi
lobotomy of breast cancer eating techno
in the sane knowledge of sportsmanship
grudging hell...... maybe? waning mud brewery
killing rain sheep clan graze abscond wreath
more keen mocking cancer cell cancerous
onerous wan one gruel blood pints
of avian alien Newcastle bog spirituous
ferrous influenza in lime linen ephod
of Jew branch as abominable
surrogate zodiac churning bio carbonate
car bonnet booth, tattered velvet
have not but robot locusts yanks.
[Kakadu ako oda oro
ko da bii adegbeyin]
mantis prayin-g fly
corona-tion road of this wasn't Kakadu
the basket dripin-g with blood paramo-ur
cattle egret lekele-ke[black-heel acne]
midday only spades that no breadf-ruit
seeks to redeem its moral drench liturg-y
where stompi-ng meal should be rompin-g
apron socked ribbon-flames and riverv-ales
galeva-se fruit fiber pale wither-ed leaves
sapphi-res cast away autumn-al for the season
.......... and fall shrine to whit-low cock
saved from the marsh-water.... theater macabre' s lee
impalas mourn for this crescent year moon
stars upon paw-paw mistletoe stump lick lees

Editing stage: 


imaging this at dusk from a propoganda truck
the scratchy overfed amplified octaves
hopping over rooftops and yards
like a ravaged ice cream truck jingle
selling free cool sticky ideology
in the din of a sun
dusted and ready
for the night to prowl...

thank you1

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