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Ivy Fumes

Ivy Fumes
yet spring dust all alive simply broke in the ivy fume
look close at me very nicely done as the clock flipped done
arm me with harmony
disaster bleeds
common court quiver through the mist
a challenge to be free is a question of time
spark a song towards freedom
in the immense of the potter's field
awake to the light been blown away
check the news let out the brash pilgrim to a wandering spear

Dig if you will a field,
walk away from me the dozen felt hug
shapes of current in the marsh hidden plains
cobwebs in from the pines of death door fling
band as if rested the current war wage lingers flare

Fleet wood Mac needs Stevie Nicks even if she calls it kicked
look to eyes simply parting in the fullest flow
nestled in the overtones

Editing stage: 


Be patient with me - I have now read 3 of your works & there is no doubt there are seeds of really amazing phrasing.. some of the lines really strike me, but I struggle to get a clear picture that makes any sense to me... Is there something I am missing? May I humbly suggest you use spellcheck? (unless the words are intentionally made up or misspelled?) & just stick with a vision or consistent sense so we can follow. I hope you do, as I sense some extra-ordinary concepts in some of these lines, they just don't feel like they all belong together. Don't be discouraged by this. Maybe just choose a few lines... Some of these lines would stand as wonderful poems in their own right.... eg :
arm me with harmony
disaster bleeds
quiver through the mist"

It still doesn't quite make sense, but it gives a sense of some foreboding, it makes one think.


My dear friend always told me "Water the seeds of joy first"

Thank you very much.

Mario Vitale

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