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Isle of broken windows

Lightning flashed a thousand times
Early morning light
On isle of broken windows
So far out of sight

Out of sight of neverland
Morning, pouring rain
Spate of wind comes hurtling
Blowing cobwebs from my brain

From my brain come all these words
All these words and more
It hears the door close softly
Perfumed departing whore

On the isle of broken windows
Watch out where you step
From here has come from ever since
Where we have never slept

Never slept together
Always slept alone
Not because we wanted to
No calls upon the phone

We watched and waited all alone

Watched as lightning flared
Eyes of morning red
On the isle of broken windows
Never is there dread

Colour of the rising sun
Shone down a brilliant light
Lightning tore clouds asunder
Like a thief in dark of night

On the isle of broken windows
There is no dread or fear
No fear for loss -- your precious soul
No whispers in your ear

Telling tales of broken hearts
Telling tales of woe
To the isle of broken windows
These tales do not go

Isle of broken windows
Is in your own back yard
Looked for on every street
Each day a bit too hard

Your feet have walked a million miles
A million miles to mind it
Wind is blowing up a gale
But you will never find it--

Not ‘til you look in your own back yard
Try -- it’s not that hard
Even though your heart is torn
Ripped apart in shards

Shards of your own tearing
Shards others -- for you have torn
We wear them each and every day
Each one must be borne

Borne until they’re fixed at last
Borne unto the end
Borne until we reach the shore
In the morning with a friend

Silver, gold and diamonds--they will never buy it
with n0 love for life
yours -- and all the others
you will forever live in strife

Lightning flashed a thousand times
In early morning light
On isle of broken windows
So far out of sight

Out of sight of neverland
Some day there we’ll be
Each and every one of us
Just wait -- and you will see

While you’re waiting on the road
That never seems
To end
Pause -- and greet your friends

Friends you’ve missed so badly
Friends who never write
You meet upon this very road
On some crystal -- starry night

To isle of broken windows
You will sometimes guess
You were always headed there
One day -- you will confess

On sparkling sands of adamant and glass
You will enter bliss
Of happiness -- and
Your precious soul will pass

Lightning flashed a thousand times

Angels sing the song
On isle of broken windows
All of us will be there
Be there be-fore-long.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
Last few words: 
I wrote this piece over 30 years ago, and have been working on it since. I have thought about trashing the whole thing many times, but it is now kind of like an old friend/nemesis. The last stanza has always bothered me. I drag it out every now and again to see if I can get it right -- maybe I should just leave it alone now.
Editing stage: 


Thank you, Shirley.

I never thought about the many poems in one part before. I am probably standing too close to see.



"When a pickpocket meets a holy man all he sees are his pockets."

Unknown (at least to me)

author comment

When something feels unfinished, I pare down or divide into segments.

Lots of good stuff, some of it *contrived*, no? Which is probably why the end doesn't work for you.


here I am with angels singing
on the Isle of Broken Windows,
my feet are bleeding with insight,
I can not fly.


Never scrap it. It is part of who you are. I have worked on some poems for years. Before they just fall in place. Still working on a few like that. It held my interest all the way through. But I did start to look for the end. I love the title. Great write. Take Care. huey

very philosophical positive write about how to take strife..grief..woes in one's stride...very uplifting....


raj (sublime_ocean)

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