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The Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher

I wonder if anyone had forecast
her passing away...
to my mind thoughts continued to come
should I or should I not
compose a poem


Mark Antony came to mind
in Julius Caesar he hath said...
as Brutus must have

Here I come not to praise Caesar
but to bury him...

we must all leave our
differences and idiosyncrasies behind
after one has gone...

we all become equal bones...
devoid of flesh

so tell me not in mournful colors
of what was blackness
you were silent then...
still and stiff…

you had no guts to face
the one now you call devil

so be gone with the wind...
I've seen many of your ilk

how many from grocers shop
will ever rise to rule

in a democracy
perhaps you too could
but then you didn't have the spunk
which you don't have still

so learn to respect a silent bone
even dogs weep
when death comes home

God bless you all,
than her
she has gone

The Iron Lady
that she alone
could be...

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


I like where you are going with this, but there are a couple of lines that I feel need some work.

"the one now you call devil"

"but then you didn't have the spunk"

Think it's great otherwise.



help edit
to make it
worth it


author comment

My apologies. Not in a good frame of mind last night. I would be happy to help. Just need a day or two.


shall await ur contribution
to make it more lively
spunk.... could be replaced by



author comment

the one you now hold in disgrace

but then you lack the iron will




author comment

during her reign of terror.
A more fitting title for a poem about her might have been that of eightmenout's latest "Bully"

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regards and congrats
many will benefit from
you now


author comment

I'm pleasantly surprised, Love. Some meat on this bone!


you are surprised
and have once come
with a positive vibe
thanks Kailashana


author comment

Poetry is not always masturbation, mutual or otherwise, Loved. I think by now you know this.


unclear ma'am


author comment
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