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Hide Jekyll, Hyde!


Part demon, part angel,
your gaze draws me nigh.
Part animal, part divine;
the celestial hosts sigh.

Doubts leak like a broken tap,
assurances cloud the sky.
Drip and drop to fill the gap;
your balmy words can't dry.

An easel for pigments to trap;
row by row hung from a vine.
Libation pressed flesh and sap;
A bloodied cudgel rests supine.


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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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Rosina, how perfectly J&H reflect the dual nature of people. Thanks for your kind words of comment.
Cheers, CB

'Break, break break on thy cold grey stones, O Sea.'

author comment

at the attraction that we have for sin. How boring life would be, if we didn't have those distractions. ~ Gee

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Isn't this what has coloured the world and its history!

'Break, break break on thy cold grey stones, O Sea.'

author comment
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