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I've basked on the beach with Beethoven
n boogied to his craazzy style,
I taught Tarantino to tango,
we sat down, chewed the fat for awhile,

I've tap danced in Bojangles shoes
sung with Leadbelly Blues,
never liked Picasso though-
the fucker drank all 'o mi booze,

I bossanova'd my way down to san José
jus' to hear what Hendrix could play;,, ,
I found Einstein to be relatively kind
but Dylan really blew my mind,

Dylan really blew my mind,
Yeah, Dylan Thomas -
he fucked - with my mind!


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impressed with your acquaintances. Only crit I see, is the line: " I Bossanova'd my way down to san Jose." I would delete the
[my way] and go with the shorter line; to keep the rhythm. ~ Geez.

Dylan Thomas?
Or the tuneless and talentless Bobby Dyllerman?

Hiya lads,
I'da liked to have squoze Joe Cocker in there somewhere at the top as probably the most talented of the lot but, decorum won out.

Hope you are both well and thriving.


author comment

Addendum. I thought Tarantino was a twat
and Dylan Thomas was an arrogant cunt.

author comment

Compared to Bob Dylan, Dylan Thomas was a great singer. Joe Cocker was dead common.

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