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Herbie’s Trip

Herbie the ghost emitted thick, glowing vapor as he traveled smoothly through a stable, gooey portal, arriving at a slowly brightening dimension on the same world. Herbie feels like splashing pleasurably around in a nearby marble fountain, so he does. Now, continuing on his trip to nowhere, he soars, high, emitting a vapor trail, landing smoothly at a nearby beach. The sun is sizzling and he feels the warm sand. Kicking it with his still wet ghost flesh, all the sand all over the world, in every dimension, began to move intensely with pleasure, flowing into slowly sinking holes, appearing, with plants growing out of them smoothly, entwining Herbie and pulling him down into a large appearing sink hole..........
Herbie needs a cigarette after that trip. He decides to think positive, he will to keep this feeling of pleasure in mind for a while, sprouting new seeds that grow in fast motion all of the time.

Editing stage: 


I like the poem, it gives pause and draws yo into thought. Your depiction of higher world that covers all dimensions gives an eternal spirit to the poem.

One part I did find weak, sink holds and sinking holds seem important to me, I think they should be more clear so the reader has a jumping off point to discover what they mean. .


The most powerful reaction
of mind on mind
is transference of sight

good. Reminds me of one of James Tates' prose poems.


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