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the glories of olde england - part one

georgian and victorian england oh what a brave new world that was
(a nice shakespearian quote how important that fucker is)
where little boys climbed up and down narrow chimneys
getting all sorts of nasty pulmonary diseases
in their worthless under-developed working class lungs
but who cares - lots more where they came from
don't you know old boy the working classes copulate like animals
and we were just doing them a favour letting their ugly offspring
die before their time saves the money to feed 'em
and in any case what about our justice system
which was and is the envy of the entire civilised world
what sort of justice was it which sentenced children to death
for stealing a loaf of bread even when the midget queen
sat on her fucking jewel-encrusted throne in splendour
and judges shoved thousands of starving men and women into
the prison hulks lying in the polluted thames waiting for a ship
to transport them in chains to new south wales or tasmania
can you bloody well imagine it only the aristocratic english
could discover sunny fertile australia
and not realise what a lovely place it really was
and instead use it as a dumping ground for convicted felons
which explains why so many australians are just a load of jumped-up
convicts with no more manners than a flatulent carthorse
breeding will out you know old boy

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Free verse
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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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How was my language use?
How does this theme appeal to you?
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this is part of a little saga I shall post for your elucidation - note the absence of punctuation as that appears to be trendy and with it yeah man
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A bit of the arrogance that is [Merry] old England. Yes, I rather think that rebelliousness is a trait that breeds contempt from those who wish to maintain the status quo. Shipping the problems out to the far ends of the world seemed like a good idea at the time! I'm also aware that there were many of the old guard in England that were of a mind to let the rebels in the American colonies go too! "Let them have their independence! They will soon regret their impudence and come crawling back to the Crown!" ~ Geezer.

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...even today, Americans are grossly wilfully misinformed about the true nature of (and reasons for) the rebellion of the colonists of the 13 colonies. But this is neither the time nor the place for that discussion (or argument!). Suffice to say that, with determination, the colonists were bound to win eventually - the impossibility for Britain to maintain lines of military communication over c.3500 miles was always going to ensure the loss of the American colonies. And let no one underestimate the incompetent arrogance and stupidity of George III and Lord North. Oh yes, and the wild hypocrisy of the aristocratic French in assisting the rebellion! Never mind, it's all water under the bridge and we now have the wonderful special relationship which our respective disgusting leaders can do their best to destroy. I think it's about time for an Edna poem on the subject - you may be sure it will be uncontroversial....

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author comment

"What price independence?" ask I
"Four years of civil war", you reply,
"Along with the death of many brave men"
Ah! I see, a bargain then.

Critique is a compliment
Kind regards, Alan

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