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Garden of God

At that hour, We fly,
Fly away ---
Beyond the eyes of satellites,
Across the borders of nights,
Above the scalp of the earth,
Through the colonnades of white and dark clouds,
Into the light highways of silent space.

O my dearest, we shall fly,
Fly away ---
Upon the wings of brilliant wind,
Like a white dove of airy description,
With eyes darting piercingly like an angel
In spirit existence.
O journey so amazing!

Even now, we fly,
In a dimension surpassing imagination!
O vision divine!
Deep in the veins of our dreams.
So, let's snap the chains of fear,
Pull down the gates of doubt,
Then, raise our wings high in majestic skies
And fly.

Fly, fly, fly away ---
Through the gates of rainbows,
High above the city of stars,
Yet miles away from the sight of time,
Leaving below the skeletal remains of our despair;
And the sky of our troubles underneath our feet.

Up and up, we fly,
To ascend the mountain effervescent,
Among meadows with brushes of transparent light;
We climb still upon the wings of love infinite ---
In the garden of God;
City of angels ---
Aglow with golden patterns of heavenly songs.

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I'm glad you find this piece "magical." I truly appreciate your power-packed and inspiration-filled words that keep oiling my search for a greater poetic gymnastics. Thanks.

Bathe yourself with poetry and let the world go to pieces.

author comment

that when I go to my final rest, this is the way I want to go. Through the air, as if a bird flying home to the highest skies. A spiritual journey for sure! Nicest work I've yet seen from you. ~ Geez.

Comments and critique are vital to this site!
Even if you just say: I liked this story or your spelling
of a word is wrong, take the time to write a line or two
and comment. Your fellow poets will thank you!

It's an honor reading your comments on my work. Thank you very much.

Bathe yourself with poetry and let the world go to pieces.

author comment

Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah

I love every line of it, and I found a tremendous emotion of wonderment having reached the end of it! Great job, and I could visualize it so well.

The imagery and language choices are spectacular.

"The true alchemists do not turn lead into gold; they turn the world into words." -William H. Gass

I truly appreciate your kind, inspirational reaction to my poem. Thank you.

Bathe yourself with poetry and let the world go to pieces.

author comment

Hello, Chimaono,
This poem feels light and very free. Happy, and even joyful. "Leaving below the skeletal remains of our despair." That HAS to be the way it will be!
Thank you!

Thank you for commenting.

Bathe yourself with poetry and let the world go to pieces.

author comment
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