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Frustration with How Long it takes to get to Know Someone (Adronitis)

Perhaps they are in a social circle
which circumscribes one’s outward demeanor,
rather like the requirement of a hijab.
Perhaps I do not understand what is being shown,
like a monkey peering behind a mirror.
Perhaps it will all be revealed upon marriage,
or the birth of our first male descendant,
or following a blood pact.

So many questions!
“Are you writing a book?”

No. I am trying to understand
what I see before and all around me:
contradictions which are not,
hypocrisies which are healthy,
notions that are false,
behavior which is self-destructive and self-defeating,
smiles which I don’t trust,
and frowns which I do.
And what they think…
when they see me.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
Editing stage: 


I think all poets suffer from the
need to know, it's stifling at times.

You delivered a piece that makes
one think ... that's a good thing.
I think Lavinia had some good
suggestions but I'd like to add
that I'd remove some of the "which's"
in the final stanza, I think it would
improve the music when read aloud,
but we are only making suggestions.

Do you think the title is a bit wordy?
It gives away the theme before it's read,
just something I noticed.

thank you for allowing us the opportunity
to see your work, looking forward to more!!!


Thanks for the remarks, fellow poets. The title is taken from a definition in the The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. The title is the meaning of the word, "Adronitis". The dictionary has some fun made-up words to write poems around. :)

author comment

regarding cutting this, otherwise i think you've
done good. words, where would we be without them, ug.
thank you.

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