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The Fish

burned treasure from deep inside
You know who inspires me to write its you my fam on Neo poetry.
An excellent collaboration of voices that work with each other.
The influences of our peers can take us far in this life.
Hearts are tender and warm when they are surrounded by great people that love each other.

Together we are going to make a difference we will break down the walls of hate towards loves resolve.
Never before in the history of poetry have we embraced such wise logic in thinking.
Positivity strengthens ones heart negativity stops it.
We each our faced with a choice to go forth and pursue excellence in the arts at Neo Poet thank you kindly I’m nothing but one beggar telling another where to get some bread. Peace fam

Editing stage: 


nursed by the child like plow
the bitter sower to shower
every word to be chard

Mario Vitale

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