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First Date: Waffle House vs IHOP

she asked me
where i wanted to eat
like it made a difference

it was like a test
that i was hardly passing

"breakfast explains a lot"
she finally said.

"you see,
the left brain
is like a waffle

"the mind puts ideas
like syrup
into distinct compartments

"it has a precise geometry
the entire grid
is connected
with straight lines
(the thinking is linear)

"the details make up the whole
like little squares
in a bigger
all-encompassing circle

"you can trace the alphabet, too
in box letters
form words and books
of words

"the right brain, however
is like a pancake

"it is not a graph
but an easel
for butter or syrup
or whip cream
or whatever

"there are no boundaries
except how you feel
like cutting them up
or stacking them high

"it is like a face
(or many faces)
that you remember

"or like blank pages
that you fill
with anything
you can dream up.
so where do you want to eat?"

i said, "i'm pretty sure
you can get them both
at both places,
ms. waffle"

"ok," she said
"will you be getting
pancakes, then?"

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she seems like she's in tune with life.

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

she's a winner! She'd make the perfect wife for someone that I know! All he requires is that she be able to cook chicken without burning it and a sense of humor! That is what it was, right? Food for thought! I'm going to pretend that she is a girl with a brain and being funny, instead of the girl that I hope that she isn't. Either way, I found this one funny!

~ Geezer.

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just a creative look into the left brain and the right brain. she does seem like an intelligent girl, someone to keep marriage interesting, though! you guys are funny and kind. thanks.

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