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A late spring night and a storm rages
as I sit alone with one lamp on
thinking of the coming ages.
It is mere hours until dawn.

The lightning strobes and thunder blasts
and rain assaults my small abode
yet my mind drifts to the past.
The memories are a heavy load.

Then recollections come to a stop
beside a creek and ruined bridge
back when I still had hair on top
and stood observing far side ridge.

The storm faded as left arm turned numb.
It seems that I'd floated back there
when most of my story was yet to come,
my store of memories half bare.

And I became that younger man
staring at that stream and far side bank
thinking of the gone bridge's span,
how that far side was wild and rank.

Just as I thought to turn and go
there was motion in that far side brush
where the road went on and privets grow
in the land that is unknown but lush.

With a shake some of the hedge parted
next to an old tall beech nut tree.
With a dropped jaw I stared then farted.
Across the creek my brother waved at me.

And with his wave the creek turned dry.
He waved and call "Come over here.
On this side you will never die
and regain the ones which you hold dear."

I dropped my now un-needed staff
almost fell while going down steep bank
which caused him to smile and laugh.
Into wet sand my old boots sank.

Having finally crossed to that far side
he reached down to pull me from the creek
which suddenly again flowed deep and wide.
We hugged and he gave me a sly wink.

The road was no longer over grown
and my knees discarded long felt pain
as into this new world I was thrown
where passed loved ones walked again.

Brother and I turned from the creek
following the road on up the ridge
while a mild wind made tall trees creak
and I waved away a tiny midge.

Up ahead I saw a middling crowd
who all turned at once to look at me.
Their murmuring turned glad and loud.
We drew nearer allowing me to see.

There was Mom and there was Dad
as they were before age caught then up;
and Grandma even Granddad
all bidding me to come on up.

All my uncles, all my aunts,
my cousins who had passed away
wearing those outdated skirts and pants
even old close friends were there that day.

With tears of joy I hugged them all
awash in memories and love
but then I heard a distant call
sounding as if it came from up above.

My brother smiled and said it's not your day
but worry not we'll all be here.
Next time you will come here to stay
maybe even others you hold dear.

Then with a flash of blinding light
and thunder that shook my house, my home
I was back in the storm and late at night,
back to my near worn out tome.

And my love saying wake up dear,
a look of worry on her face
which brought me fully back here
as my heart stopped its instead race.

I smiled at her and said all right
I guess it's time I go to bed.
On this stormy waning night
I followed the young girl that I wed.

And just before I achieved sleep
listening to my love snore
in this night stormy and deep
I knew I'd reach that other side once more........

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
To get full story it might be best to read "Fleeing Toward An End" before reading this one although I hope this one Can stand alone
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Not Explicit Content


there's always a benefit for remembering that there is another life after death. Shouldn't we work harder for that life?

P.s. There is at least a typo somewhere that needs your attention :)


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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typo? Well on a poem this long that's a new low for me. Appreciate you letting me know Where they are lol. Now I get to go through this and try to find it or them..............

author comment

My brother smiled typo

A very gracious poem.

Thank you...Teddy

Typos are a thing I've struggled with for years

author comment

Hi, Scribbler,
What a journey, there and back. Bittersweet. You have described a cherished life on both sides of the creek.
Thank you,

as well as leave such kind comment

author comment

no one has ever returned
in many a millennia
are we still drooling upon

Its high time
we woke up to reality
There is nothing beyond this life
Believe it or not least of all an
no evidence
none will ever be
Just apply your intelligent portion of a dulling brain kindly My voice only

that you believe that

author comment
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