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house whispers
pipes creak and furnace
wakes and rumbles

easier to sleep from dusk
to now Midnight clear

watch over all
until dreams catch me
until gavel bed esker reachs
and singing drumbeats
stagger me beneath aurora
ripple glow

Editing stage: 


"gavel" sounds interesting though
the justice hammer like a bed of nails
and Esker is my poet username here
But Esker in geographical terms
is a glaciation term describing an old
riverbed deposited from the glaciers
melting they are long raised beds
twisting and turning of gravel

"until ..gravel bed esker reachs.." the spirit the view
perspective climbs the esker the "Reachs" like
heights a similar phrase would sound
"Until the lofty crag of view"

meaning great effort for the simple view
where dreams can catch the dreamer
aurora is the northern lights
something that can make anyone stop
and stare at the wonder
steal me away from television
computer land books
to the primal awe

watch over all
I feel it was my job
to watch "over the fort"
dad drank so We had to be alert
when he was not
and he was out until morning work
I felt responsible

"stagger me" for all my talking
and output I hold most of the
real shit inside

and it just trips me up
and I dont want to ask for
help from god from no one

thats Lah Lah Land in a nutshell

author comment

You're quite the *ordinary* poet, Steven: possessed. ;-) However, you write mostly extraordinary poetry. Don't forget that when you ache of road rash or you slide too far from us.


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