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The Distance of a Rose

In the moon was a girl who played
the starfish notes of an astral organ,
a filigree sewn on the jackets of men
sent to protect her later. I left it with you
the clown’s blush that swelters 
on your city window, the cribbed 
notes from your quiet genocide,
carried away in the spotted noon 
by a lark, maybe, or some lexical
hummingbird. The glower I wear 
now is an appraisal of this chipped
birdhouse—this world without you.

The cupboards, the spoons, the rain;
all alone, the little girl enjoying the yard:
on these days your small eyes 
grew as orbs powered by rocket fuel,
and I know this well. In each was a heart
through which my heart has seized, at least,
if not stopped.  Chaos begins syllabic—
a splash, an echo, then the full run
till you can’t hear yourself
above a sundial’s uproar.  

The deposits your innocence makes;
your olive eyes, space’s love deposits,
will leak by and by. The carnies, belly
dancers, the capital grind will eat
from within, where the ciphers have
been placed like room keys.

The looping mandalas will twine
above Manhattan, the radar of your
corruption will grow with the loops 
of hypnotic rocks, or some form 
of salvation with amenable kernels.

This is why you need a rose
dilated in a moonflower pose
and that's it
Miss Chelsea Rose

Editing stage: 


You know my friend you do it for me!!! You crazy fantabulious writer you !!!
I love the contradictory elements as they weave and bend their shadows and lights in your playful theater of sonic bulls

Always your fan and friend Z

This is one of those that you have written, that just kept the thoughts and flow going. I don't always see where you are going with your work or where it winds up, but like Zebra, this one did it for me. ~ Gee.

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very interesting poem, quillsveinback!
I enjoyed all the way trough.
I think i can hear "the starfish notes of an astral organ"
The second stanza is brilliant, i love the idea of your heart seized in her eyes, it is expressed in unique way and makes my heart to sink reading the lines.
I say Ah




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