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She can take you to nirvana
She can make a life worth living
She can show you all the pleasures
But she’s taking and not giving
For she’ll wake you in the morning
Rend the flesh from off the bone
She will tear your heart to pieces
She will leave you all alone
Then regaining all your senses
In the morning light you shiver
As you wade into the waters
Of some cold and icy river
And the current takes you down
And your drowning in you sorrow
But you fight to reach the surface
And you live to see tomorrow

Editing stage: 


Thought I'd try something a little different for a change,
I think this and one or two others is a way of getting a few things exorcised. Thanks for reading


author comment

you know, I think I kind of like this "serious" vein you've been writing in. And a succubus none the less! This write definitely lived up to what I've come to expect from Sir Shazbat: outstanding, good, solid flow with good word-craft.

~ Jess K
"A parakeet is one who takes care of you until the real keet arrives.." - George Carlin

Gee Jess, thank you, perhaps I'll look at doing more of this kind of thing in future, watch this space.


author comment
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