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Dazed and Confined

'Twas twilight on an odd day, winter
with the shadows playing tricks with my head,

and to my dismay,
I'd had it, that day
I can't believe what those idiots said!

It was cool so, I pulled on my "hoodie"
with a logo of a team I'm not for,

no matter the name,
I wore it the same
someone knocked then, 'fore I opened, my door!

I welcomed them in past my threshold
just to find out there was nobody there;

there wasn't a trace,
of anyone"s face
plus, the bulb from my lamp wouldn't share!

Nonetheless, I desired to move, forward
I locked both, screen and door as I left;

my journey was "slight",
I didn't trust this night
this cold winter day echoed shadows, and theft!

When I returned home, my face burned from the cold
and my hands burned not too far, behind;

through the door I did cross,
then I saw of my "loss"
bending my heart, and breaking my mind!

'Twas then that I looked at the mantle
and saw the time on the face of it's clock;

I hadn't left home,
I had still, yet to roam
I hadn't even put shoes on, to walk!

I found myself "lostly", reliving
each thing I'd done earlier, that day;

I felt so alone,
when I hung up the phone
for the shadows had scared sunlight, away!

Then later I woke up in the morning
and my eyes the true sun, did I view;

it all was soo creepy,
and I WAS, extra sleepy

I fell out, "laptop" e-mailing, you!

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
[This option has been removed]
Last few words: 
I, REALLY need some "hep" discerning between the shadows, and the human public while purchasing some poet's rendition of "why" ANYONE should even remotely consider buying...."said" dribble, the "end":; a bunch of bologna, in someone's pastel colored, Irish-setter mind! Hey! I'm talking to you.......................ya,
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I like the style even though the poet tags it inconsistent, the mixture of realities gives it depth blending actuality and surreality.I can't comment much on the title as my experience of the effect of snow is little, but the uncertainty of the state of mind of the poet gives credence to the title. This piece is quite interesting as the structure and form reflect the content as rhyme scheme is embedded in free verse or run-on lines. Well done.


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