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A DAY AT SEA(out at sea contest)

UUUURPPPP! there goes a bit more chum
over the rail into the sea.
This day cruise idea was plain dumb.
I wish somebody would shoot me.

HHHHRRRRNNMMMMPH!, well there goes some more
something I ate two days ago.
I can't even see the shore
and there are hours yet to go.

God! that gull just ate some vomit
URK!, URK can I keep it down?
SPLASH, Slurp the deck now has puke on it.
I contemplate jumping to drown.

Cold sweat pours from all of me.
I expect my face is green.
I look out at the rolling sea,
the sickest thing I've ever seen.

OOOOOLFarf, just acid now;
stomach cramps here comes some more
more salty sweat drips from wet brow.
Maybe I should lie on the floor.

Around me all look with distaste
but they keep on catching fish.
This trip is nothing but a waste.
For it to end's my fervent wish.

A dry heave...I catch my breath
and wipe acid from my chin.
I know I look and smell like death.
I'll never fish off shore again........

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
No. I've never been off shore before......... mainly because of a belief I'd get sea sick lol
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Content level: 
Explicit Content


So I can assume you enjoyed this tale of misery? lol

author comment

I found this most amusing. Some people just totally lack "sea legs".

I used to boke a lot on ships as a child but I grew out of it.

I once puked on an aeroplane after it hit an airpocket. I remember the look of disgust on the plump air hostess's face when I handed her a paper bag full of vomit. It was my own fault for travelling Economy Class, you get more respect in Business Class.

[This is a duplicate account of Edna Sweetlove and been permanently suspended]

I would imagine that Economy Class might be bearable these days with half-empty planes thanks to the pandemic. I personally wouldn't get on any aircraft at the moment - the concept of recycled air with added virus is horrific.

However I recall many a horrid journey with my knees halfway up to my chin in Cattle Class. One benefit of the Climate Crisis is that the days of dirt cheap air travel are coming to a close.

[This is a duplicate account of Edna Sweetlove and been permanently suspended]

Actually, Teddy, it isn't a poem about the sea!

It's a poem about seasickness.

[This is a duplicate account of Edna Sweetlove and been permanently suspended]

Can't have one without the other unless on a huge lake

author comment

A very different take of the sea. Yuck!
Why do you always do great with your scribbles!


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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I just figured everybody else would do something conventional so I'd do something a bit different Win or lose doesn't matter to me because I enter mainly for fun. Kinda like most of my scribble.......reckon not being overly serious might be a factor in people putting up with me? Regardless always good to see you show up even when something I write is sickening lol

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