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Dancing :

Everyone is dancing into this world, and who is the juggler is yet to know,
Everyone is indulged into this mundane world's emotional sphere, where we are leading to is yet to know.

Com'on is the key to give sympathy those who are unable to dance, and who knows are the kiss ass (sorry to say) by chance.

Dancing, dancing and dancing... though I've been dancing all my life, tell me the way i could dance, the only way to which i could gain, we all are here to something attain.

Tear me into pieces, skin to bone, my mind my soul,
Whatsoever i could do so is the only way i could get a chance, to which i could refrain myself from or at least you behave some zest and the zeal I'm looking for a long.

By sonal mishra

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would read a lot easier if it were in stanzas for example where you have commas place that on a new line
this gives it more form and shortens the sentence Give it a try and see if you agree


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