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Dead, is the poets deepest flaw
Death, is the poets deepest desire

Life, is the mans once tamed belief
Living, is what a man chases

so these crimsons thoughts of mine stay
there red magic cant linger
what cant a poet do
but stay and suck on the glassy blood

we are like vampires
sucking ideas dry until theres nothing left
worse than Hollywood
because we think were better than them

but if you ask me
were no worse
just fancier
so don't get upset and cry

don't run to your lexicon
and try to fight with words, or rhymes
poetry is beautiful
but you make it ugly

the only difference between us
is when i say ill beat this dead horse until it stops spitting out money
i mean it

Style / type: 
Free verse
Last few words: 
i hope you fucking gremlins enjoy
Editing stage: 
Content level: 
Explicit Content


young Lee
haven't they yet welcomed ye
must soonly
have you ever read me

do so queeeeeeekkklieeeeeeeeee
ur poetree is lovolly

making sense when he says this is too long. I have written much longer stories and no one complains! Especially, when they are about 'Killer'. You do seem to have a propensity for leaving out the apostrophes and punctuation. By the way, I know that poets are just as good or better than Hollywood! well done poetry is never ugly, remember, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! ~ Geezer.

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