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A Cancer Patients Last Wish

I dream for those who are on cancer beds
struggling for a wet cloth
to moisten their dehydrated tongues
and dried up palate

they can’t speak
with closed eyes
let me now sleep
the eternal sleep
only promise me you shan’t weep...
but once my heart ceases to throb
do not think of me as dead
but all my good wishes be published
to be read
proceeds given to world Cancer Society

from cancer there is no relief

'tis now my belief
as I leave thy world with teary eyes
believe me cancer is no disease
tis living death
yes 'tis it

A Cancer Patients Last Wish

Style / type: 
Free verse
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...I can't begin to imagine how awful it must be for someone to be in that position - but I would imagine many would still be hoping for some sort of remission. And others might well feel rage at the injustice of such a terrible fate.

You need to correct line 4: "palate", not "palette" - the latter is the selection of colours used by a painter.

Poet(ess) to the Stars

I can't promise I won't weep. But what a treat tears can be. Soulful sobs don't rob us of future joy. I really enjoyed this poem. I will not have had a full life until I die. We should all have a choice to go in our way in our time. Compassion, shown by respecting the wishes of the ones whose experience we can't possibly feel the weight of, is a gift we can give those that are suffering.

how many will die none can say
but I have seen many near ones pass away

at times I wished they had died
It 's miserable life when alive

author comment

thus can say that this poem is accurate in its descriptions

I have noted what you have said, and you genuinely have my sympathy. We may totally disagree with each other on most things ranging from religion to politics, but that does not prevent me from being sympathetic concerning personal sadness and tragedy.

Poet(ess) to the Stars

you could compose
a more vivid version

encompassing personal
let's make others feel brave

author comment
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