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in the belly of the beast [prospero enccchanted, prospero being ian and the children]

bucket list, and no more pages left
the beast in a transit of sedation's
the open fishes mouth now in a bubble
where to brash mutual consent
an alien to his people cannot
to the third eye the least eye
park and shop seldom on ten brothers
all in their sheathed sword proletariat
on the soul not so immune to decadence, sole shaft
slipping as a drop from a rooftop
card of black hearts slop domino
pumpkins on the rail-way prestidigitator
someones heartthrob by flood-lights
companionship you were doomed and destined
a Malian Aardvark', the earths skin
before the thrones of the underworld
and loft lights cast urine into the eyes
at night to have an epic confrontation
and the shadows spread its wings
wild cyclones the impudence of romance thus
deck the eye see's the stillness of stars
the acknowledgement of heaven, the thunderstruck
cross crotchet pattern now rainbows lie
judo with gristlie and tress Miranda
ponytail the whispers whirl web
summon the overall vegetal presence
noise of noose voracious, bluff bazaar
gruff if too nomadic of shear
drizzling each feathered and bead
full of the seasons flesh ripeness
sup to the fingers, as a kids booty crimp
to the maternal cardinal points stung,
waited, the belly of the beast collapsed
the oarsman in his hand a Motorola
calling the tradesmen of jack, to observe the flat
almost plain paper nod do
kites on metallic heel a fuddle
pluck by sane insane exploiters
stretching means to accomplishment
next the routes to vie perturb Marshall creatures
always with the wanton social medium,
a carrier vessel , torn warm under the lever
we are the apparition of this man?
in the city of Kane

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if it has a corherent narrative, it avoids me, This is not a criticism per se. Youe language use use and imagery create a powerful sense of something. I'm just not sure what of!

I don't want you to explain it to me, it stands on its own as a posssibily enirely new poetic from.

Bloody good work,
good sir.

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