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Bee Beautiful

Bzzzz Bzzzz Bzzzz what is that I hear...Something"s buzzing near my ear but her name isn't Wanda Let me take another listen as I invision the coast near a sea something tropical... Can this bee a dream maybe not or maybe so.... I think of your face when the weather is cold just so I can remind myself... Warmth is only in your mind...I"m not your type of course I can sea the signs The ocean I flow...unlocking my soul...You don't have to shake my ha nd I already know your real and girl I know you been thru alot then to just let sum Dumb Dude who"s sweet....Lift you off your feet....and try together to find Paradise I"d probably have a better chance trying to roll dice with 50 cent and Shady I'ma Long Shot plus no Crack in my system when I was born....My Dad was a fan of Lee you know the one who produced "Do The Right Thing" Won't say the first name Cause for some that"s a curse and an addiction but if wanting the best for you is wrong I don"t wanna be right....I got some working out to do....To get my frame right Charles S. is still in his flesh for now and Nan Da less you see how smooth that was.... Put it together you know the rest....You Beautiful Blonde Bombshell... Girl your Unstoppable Your always at your best....Matadoress....Cause your eluding the Bull.... Your eyes whip my ass every chime.....and everytime you sneeze.... Let's keep it 100....your alergic to the Bullshit...This is a new flip...Turning channels I'm foolish....Bee Beautiful in everything you do....I don't care if the feeling ain't mutual When I look at you... I sea a work of Art some of the most brilliant Men who walked this earth.... ain"t never live to see...Sweet twards you cause for real you ain't even got to pay me no mind Once a soldier always a soldier....I love your attention....That was over but can you please rock with this poem if you Overstand....C.S. Smooth naw Lady I'm a Tramp without a stamp....I'm amp I don't call it that by the way....I just call it like I sea it...That's a purfectly placed tattoo at the bottom of your spine...Been spitting facts since way back whenever.... It's always clever whenever E put's it together....... Peace & Happy Holidays To you and Yours....Can anybody say FRIEND ZONEDdddddddddddd......... It's cool I'm use to it...How's Pac doing he probably still hanging in there right? LOL

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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To automatic write. Get out ideas. Let it hang. Discover yourself it is the artists sketch pad. It is journal. It is not poetry.
Now some might say that poetry has no definition or bs like that
But if there are zero boundaries than nothing has definition. All is fake news.
Poetry is charged words. It has inner music and inner meaning
You have the need to write. Read poetry talk with poets
Poetry is not easy. It requires years of craft, of taking the streams of thought and organizing them as a poem. If you decide to become a poet , Best wishes on your journey

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

Thank you for at least your input...I'm just trying to relax my mind plus my mind is my own Metropolis
Maybe my writing does need work I can admit that...but my soul is what ultimately drives me to do this...I am a fan of Langston Hughs and all I can ever be is myself...I can't dance but I hold my own private concert whenever I'm in the shower...Peace

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