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Beauty Is

Her profile’s not a perfect silhouette,
she bares no shapely leg or heaving breast;
the voice not of a nightingale coquette
enslaving countless men it has impressed.
She cannot hover like a bird in flight
nor even glide with poise across the floor;
she will not set a lusting world alight
where men are beating pathways to her door.

But she’s a lovely lady none the less,
the winning smile within her eyes one part;
a bubbly nature flowing to excess
shares love and joy that overfills her heart.

Felicitous affection thus belies
the notion--beauty's pleasing to the eyes.

Editing stage: 


Not overly sentimental and easy to
place one's self in the poem ...

and it's a sonnet!

Thanks for posting


I just realised I posted this poem already and not even that long ago.
Please accept this substitute.

A Tipple

I like my whiskey always neat
a single malt goes down a treat.
Within my grasp, or very near
A Speyside brand will always cheer,
not to say it’s not as good
a Highland type will lift my mood.
Then again, an Island tipple
makes my taste buds smoothly ripple.

All blended whiskeys have their faults
so I will stick with purest malts.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

author comment

Felicitous affection thus belies
the notion--beauty's
pleasing to the eyes....

these lines put across
are very wise!


...but no mind, liked your words.

this used to be a field of words
but, shit, it's growing lonely turds.

it is a short term state. Try to find that smile, it really helps.
The happy chappy does not allow his many ailments to dampen his spirits.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

author comment

well done and thank you!
i only dampen mine with orange juice, no ice, by the way.


we have the same view on spirits and their unfathomable value.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

author comment

a goat named Alamagoque,
he was pretty and never sucked
a titty; in sayings he was pithy.
You see how clever the rhyme
scheme is, how good and lean
in this poem I've seamed, but
where is the substance or sheen,
where is anything but a pine,
a begging for approval, where
is the adventure or slightest departure
from rote, horrid, dimestore creaking?
But again see my goat, his name
Alamagoque, he is pretty and sucks
such a nice, full titty.

for your interest.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

author comment
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