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Beasts of burden

Now that the house finally surrenders,
To the silent terms of my arms
My divided time now remembers
How that age once burned

Time interred by the slow procession of beasts,
Burdened by image made, for minds that retreat
Back into that slackened time, where
Nothing is required,
Nothing inspired
Just to be-
And not to have presence of any kind

I know that you think like me,
Our minds are full of blackbirds,
Wind gusts, lost bees, blown twigs
Off course by the night tides
In the particle sea.

The thick of night,
The weight of night,
It enfolds it’s darkened arms around,
All that sleep and wake inside..
Without a sound.

I belong to night, I know you do
It possesses me – it’s majesty
It’s great gift, is the wind
From the wing of owls
And the quiet infatuation
Into mind-

If I could be a dance then,
Dance of night I would be,
Curtsy at the moon a bit,
Then linger momentarily
Before waltzing all the dawn way down
And ending at the sea..

A dream? Awake, if by some
Mistake of fusion, this is here,
Where I’ll always be, then
Perhaps our time holds still in night
And our dance won’t end
And the song won’t stop
And wind will yaw, pitch, ensnare,

And hold you near.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Review Request (Direction): 
What did you think of my title?
Last few words: 
This is rough - formatting bad - i know, it's parked here from my phone...had to get it out of head, and onto NP - a work in progress... Cheers. Chris.
Editing stage: 


Nice one here man. A strange imagery occurs, the emotions conjure up my own memories, and I can relate to certain parts of it. So the contents there and all good. You're right about the formatting, there's a clear flow to me, but at times that flow breaks and picks up. But should be easy to arrange however you like it. Wish I was in a better position to nitpick (leaving house soon) so please accept my humble comment. Good work.

It'll be a renovator this one, will revisit and expand,and re-format.

Thanks for reading!



Chris Hall - Tasmania

Grossbooted draymen rolled barrels dullthudding out of Prince's stores and bumped them up on the brewery float. On the brewery float bumped dullthudding barrels rolled by grossbooted draymen out of Prince's stores.

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