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Be lies unsaid and said.

Be a lie unsaid for unlawful gains,
For burying the truth and as a witness.
Out of jealousy and out of hatred
When a lie is said it acquires more force.
A twisted truth is as good as a lie.
A truth left unsaid is a lie uttered.
An adulterated truth does more harm
Than a blatant lie in any context.
The lie said would misguide the listeners,
Implicate the innocents and set free
The culprits, to gain the status of truth.
Harmless face saving lies can be ignored.
Be a lie said if it could bring some peace.
Be a lie said if it could avoid sparks.

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Welcome back Shanmugam....truth about lies brought out by you in these verses...

be well..

raj (sublime_ocean)

I guess it makes a case for holding your tongue and not uttering the lie or the truth. Glad to see you, don't be a stranger. ~ Geezer.

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