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Azimuthes of Shells

that ocrean strode
on confident green

this sand in her shoes
as red as the dirt her
family home astride


breakers of weeks
the hot host worlds
hastening beneath
the sun a pan of
oil flaming

lined drawers
grown dingy
and the flowers

growing big enough
to swim the dark
in dreams

the fat trunks
holding up the day
and the windchimes
made of its creatures///

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A lot of people might not know what Azimuth means but I do, and knowing that it gave your poem a whole other meaning on reading, brilliant as always my friend

A pleasure to read, Bravo.

love Jayne x

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

loved do u know
loved is me
old and the same whose poetry once u did read edit comment
please do so now and again thanks
sorry for the intrusion

my travel has always been with a compass and automobile
the roads start and or end at places..
crossroads there are many...

i used to travel...heights gave a place of direction
an idea anyway
lately ive been in the same little city

but i know what its like either be behind a wheel
or walking over a hill top
and navigating towards something

relatinoships are not as simple..
but of a more diverse qaulity..

thank you..

author comment

may I request you to explain
the meanings hidden beneath such exquisite poetry
I ran through old pages
and I saw some comments from you
oh so lovely
how i wish i could be read more
by you

An azimuth (Listeni/ˈæzɪməθ/) is an angular measurement in a spherical coordinate system. The vector from an observer (origin) to a point of interest is projected perpendicularly onto a reference plane; the angle between the projected vector and a reference vector on the reference plane is called the azimuth.

An example is the position of a star in the sky. The star is the point of interest, the reference plane is the horizon or the surface of the sea, and the reference vector points north. The azimuth is the angle between the north vector and the perpendicular projection of the star down onto the horizon.[1]

Azimuth is usually measured in degrees (°). The concept is used in navigation, astronomy, engineering, mapping, mining and artillery.

there was a reference to an illumination round...
the procedure and protocol in such manners is correct..

if everyone knows the language

between the becomes the beauty of chaos
all of it a hunger..a thrill
a passion

a refrence of greater interests
and diversions



its a degree of distance
like a thought
altitude attained..

as in

"my azimuth is crap until i have my coffee in the morning and my
pain killers for this shoulder and back kicks in..oh and the cigarette"

once soaring..once rolling..flight and freedom of movement
in a more three hundred and sixty degree manner is better..
then the lowly and limited view...
or no view..

in this the poem its a direct reference to a notion
of something..
a muse
a direction
or a becoming away from
or towards...

waypoint is not even a good verb or noun
to use.....

all the angle is to give refrence to a location
a pinpointing of something...

delving as always...
thank you....

author comment


its a degree of distance
like a thought
altitude attained..


one has to think
what was in the poets mind
as coffee and cigarettes
for you are sublime

I am a dart poet
straight forward
either a bull hit or total miss
mostly it is literally latterly
you all know it
thanks Esker for your BLISS
ignorance overpowers me mostly
when it comes to poetry
like this

I'm left without suggestion.

W. H. Snow

A poet is a nightingale, who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds. Percy Bysshe Shelley

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funny but poets and rock stars end up with futility anger rage despondancy and death..
sexton plath morrison winehouse keruoack

as a kid i grew up with vietnam brainwashed into my head...sesame street was nothing to the
nightly news.....lately ive been sitting in my knock off american summer fatigue circa late sixties
listening to gimme shelter and white rabbit and susie q..and running radio chatter while i sit
in my fold up lawn chair beside Bunni.....helicopter gunship chatter..when i was with my father
visiting him up north on his job we had the hand held radios to the cab of the deisels pulling the
air dump sand cars for bank widening on the tracks....we had radios during flagging for Bell
Canada while line crews put up cable one winter through Algonquin Park.....Bunni calls me weird..
which suits me fine.....i like weird poets who are writing....anything...when they were describing illumination rounds dropped on parachute..My fave scene in apocalpys now by director francis ford coppula i thought of this....the pilot or maybe ground crew were describing the azimuth and its the correct term.....i do not use the language for correct anything..its like a sculpture in my head...lots of people hate sculpture...i love it! the imagery to me as a child was sculpture and now listening to what terrorized me as a kid have a meaning also....the battles were horrific...i knew a lot of people from all aspects of war.....not nice...not nice at all..but at least they were there.....i listen to those who actually were authentic and genuine.....relatioships are like things hated and loved too....if only we could put out rounds of some kind of illumination on our muses..the things we struggle to find or control or confront...try to write it into our works here.....spit it out on the keyboard like they did with the typewriter and pencils..notebooks.....a puirity......and then if you make it through that go home...pick up with your battle for me but the personal ones...relationships are a strange frontier....a landscape i never left.....all of them surreal....but at least i have them....the women...the muses stay in touch....horrible...and and hate....i forgot to write comfort.....its in there too......the rare rare moments...
thank you!

author comment
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