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Autumn series poetry The first

The Autumnal fever

Wow,Autumn once again is here
what a lovely season
for all poets so dear

what a beautiful autumn
you relay
here it’s raining,
then a bit cloudy
sunnier later
during the day

the clouds show anger
but quietly pass away
wonderful trees
so colorfully display
my! what hues
I wish I could show you


I’ll fetch my camera
for you

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
By the time the first poet reads it twill be three days I by then each poem by then separate 3 days
Editing stage: 


Loved it. You are a poet after my own heart. You left everything up to me as to how I read it. I read and re read and each time I found what I expected, a great read.
Now there's a clever girl.

I read ur bio
Will be reposting each separately owing to posting restrictions on this sight
and why girl

author comment

line 4, I'd change autumn to season to avoid 2 lines ending in same word. You also misspelled autumn farther along but I'll let You find it lol.Also, I know between autumn and fall it's more poetic to say autumn but I think this poem could use a few more falls and a few less autumns. But i enjoyed it and you might notice I didn't complain about its length like a certain person I know who claims epic whenever I write one 7 stanzas lol.....Dang I'm gonna be glad when autumn arrive here. It was 82 degrees today.........stan

and I did not expect anyone to read it
for days three
so I'd lost time in splitting
shall now do just
stan abide with me will ye
more falls than autumns will thee see

These three poems were composed years ago

that you ought to by now know

author comment

Sorry, no idea why I said "Girl" Put it down to my old age will you?

do you remember the poem
if you r 81

you had edited it

author comment

Ecky thump, I am lucky if I can remember last week, but if I do it is roaming around my noggin somewhere.

Richard Harrison
May be Sydney

author comment
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