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Aussie Army (written two years ago)

Mounted on a big red.
That is as rough as its rider.
Sits the Great Weird Elf.
He’s so proudly the leader
With a cackling Kookaburra,
on his shoulder.

Feared by so many
His pen sharp as a sword
A pen that was hardened
To the strength of steel
By years of learning
Word cutting, no yield,
without fear he does wield
A great choice
To lead in the fight
Poetic justice
Their banner declares

Flanked on either side,
By his maids in arms (Not his Arms)
He fights but causes no harm.

His right hand Maiden
in bright golden lace.
Flowing as the wind,
With beauty and grace.
Blood opals uplift,
the gown to a high,
were given as gifts,
from ancestors gone by.

You should have known.
This is Queen "Seren"
The Aussie Boudicca
Feared by all that see her
A flay made of quills,
over lands words spill.
Strong when needed,
Soothing, to the still.

Made to strike an enemy,
when needed to be.
Astride her Big Red,
as any man you’d see.

Then to the left
In green and gold.
Rides Chez or CC,
so I am told.
Head tipped to one side,
as if listening to all.
A traveller we are told,
cannot settle or be still

A quiver filled with quills
Ready to shoot, no ill,
Many words at their tips
Scorching the Earth
A slave to no man
Aussie’s “Joan of Arc”
Protecting the land.
Feared by many
When, with her friends,

She loves the sea,
There’s her tranquillity
Side saddle’s her steed,
Fighting all greed.

This famous three
to be feared by all,
When to poetry, a poet
fail‘s to make the call.

Love’s Y’all, really, Yenti

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Structured: Western
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How does this theme appeal to you?
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Hero's of poetry - I remember those days - and didn't appreciate them as well as I should. So pleased they are still around fighting the cause!

Love the poem - It's a really good tribute and just trips off the tongue.

I will leave the critique to the power of the Aussie sword! ( for which we are eternally grateful :)

Love Mand xxxx

The Australians come and go, they have been, and are, a great asset to Neopoet.
It is great to see J.C back again, I too looked up that illness as it was unknown to me, I am so glad they caught it in time as it can cause untold problems, but our lovely Jayne is indestructable.
Mind you as I was due to go to Aussie I had to be kind or customs would have given me a hard time lol
Take care out there, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

author comment

I have a copy of this one I read it from time to time this was a golden age at Neo they were good times, As I said when you posted it the first time around I was honoured you included me in the Aussie mix, Thank you again for such a tribute I know you hold us in a special place of your heart. And Vice versa ;)

love always JC xxx

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

The Golden age will return as we go full circle .
Never forget that your words and all that were there then made it so.
It is becoming a magic place again where I can drift as the breeze within many realms.
There I can visit my friends all over the world, The footprints on the lawn are once again becoming so clear.
It is a place of love and understanding that we will build, just had a delivery of unconditional love from the children and Mum so I shall share, it will make a sturdy dwelling within the thoughts of many,
Yours as always Ian, and the children, and a big ME from Sadie xx

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

author comment
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