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Written by: Mario Vitale
Shades of pine grafted in again resign
Shattered pine in elm certain grove alone
My meadow had a thorn certain credit
The factual harm of its heartless swarm
Featured within in the created design with pine
Eyes sharpened as a willow in garb
The tornado sequence has even the fog alone
Again tempors fly like never before
Blatant lies have come at no surprise
In parts unknown an aura of repute to harm
Sound the alarm in fetters arm
Choirs of saints in regard to its beckoning drawn
Empire strain inside my brain fragments of cure
The surface of the sun has tainted my vision with harm
Sound the alarm agiain my faithful friend by whom we can depend
Shattered glass on the parchment floor
An impulse deep in regards to the heart
Shades of pine will line the volume of scattered pillows
A willow in derision you made a final decision
A thought provokoing reason to believe in
Shattered memory's in the moments of innocence with a plight of disbelief
We have soon turned over a brand new leaf
Timeless peaks in a swelll shattered fragments from within
A great design still sublime in its timeless parts the heart
Jim Morrison had it
Janis Joplin couldn't stop it
Jimi Hendrix sought this quick fix
An unbellievable call being caught in the mix!

Editing stage: 


made me look up Mario
and found Poetry Soup..
I like the way it is written
probably a name for it
the pattern I can feel in
it the shift and shunt of
words...its heavy...
and yet light too

willow and pine

Morrison become lost
so had Joplin..
Hendrix to me still a
but all suffering
from addiction

shattered glass
shattered memorys
shattered fragments

yet one can be broken
the continuim carrying
a drive within
past the reefs and shoals
of youth!

greatly admire this work!

thank U!

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