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Attached to the Cure

In modest ways we change

as the water forms puddles

as the wind form pictures

as the fire burns through

In modest ways we release

to react on canvas with choice

to react beyond our emotions

to react against the piercings

In modest ways we change

Young hearts feel devoted

stumble upon mediocre phrases

stumble upon lost visions

stumble upon lust and gimmicks

Young hearts feel remote

to close to understand

to close to protect emotions

to close to look down

Young hearts feel devoted

Am I the cure

adjacent to people's wants

adjacent to the edge

adjacent to an angled world

Am I the face of choice

to open the flow

to open up the trust

to open the womb

Am I the cure

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hello poetry dude! Welcome to Neopoet!
I like your poem. Your title was very captivating. It drew me in. I love your poem, you can interpret it in many ways. It could be referencing the pandemic. Or the cure (In the way I read it) represents the cure for humanity. The cure for the constant hate and evil in this world. Seems like a nicer version of a poem I wrote called the world we live in. It's on my works page at the very bottom. Keep writing and be sure to enter in the the Enter and exit contest.

(Love hanging with my family of poets)

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