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I sigh and wipe the sweat away
from all the miles I've walked
and all the people good and bad
that I've met along the way.

I see I'm far up this last hill
so I pause to look around
to soak in all I see and hear
and perhaps how I might feel

I turn to see the trail I've taken
its many forks lost in time's mists
leaving just the path I took
and it fades as each step is taken.

That misty valley of the past
which none can retrace
contains so many memories
some bad but mostly good
( perhaps I chose to forget the bad)

And then there is where I am.
Surrounded by the land I love
yet find I can't traverse
like I once could.
Columns of gray with roof of green
deep in the fastness

Blue cool sky with ragged clouds
much like the man they sail above
the type place where bobcats roam
where solitary bucks might call home.

But this time of rest must end.
I see the mountain top ahead
so I arise with staff in hand
and a groan under my breath
for I have miles yet to walk

In search of that rift
which shields the other side...

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


Are you kidding
you are still thinking of publishing
since long time
how can you ever think of a last journey
while I'm miles head of you
still scribbling
just kidding poet r u
I just a kid at 82

conspiring to get rid of us and make room for the next generation. But I have news for nature, folks like you and I are going to have to be kicked out kicking and screaming lol

author comment

My pop's pop's generation lived about shy of sixty
my pop said hold on to plus70...
then his richer kids said
wait and see
We will hop step and jump 80
First 10 died ~~~~shy of 53
then thee richer kinda guys
all lived passed 83
one just passed by crossed 83and 1/2
left me to jump the highest hurdle
pole vault say @90

my senior pals are still running about
at 89 plus minus
like in school yell at me ....come along what can I say but run breathless
U r just a kid ....modern medicine Covid not with standing
will and must make you touch 100
hope by then you will improve your poetry

There is no other side!~~~~~ all know it
Read my @82 poem unread still
see how we enjoy hopefully
as no ancestors are
we all are just conning
do you agree
lol happy
have a drink
and what not....

So you get a poem on the neopoet facebook page and still complain about not being read? Why am I Not surprised? lol.

author comment

stan ur a kind man
good day

a good day

author comment

With age comes the gradual loss of loved ones......After some time the losses pile up and the expectation of meeting them again on the other side makes the aspect of dying not too bad a thing. But I'm not too close to on my way Yet lol.I gotta hang around to aggravate people with my 3rd class poetry ..........

author comment

I'd prefer good climate to hellish company. I've had enough of heat in this southern climate.........

author comment

Hi, Stan,
Excellent title - not the journey's end, but the approach of it. Still time to put some thought into causing a bit of fun / havoc here and there. Such a peaceful and accepting poem. I love the staff in the hand, the best companion for a meaningful journey.
Thank you!

If the end was here I'd hardly be able to write poetry lol. And that staff is something I got used to before and while recovering from having both knees replaced. Still use it when walking in rough territory. Thanks for the visit

author comment
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