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applaud yourself for living
while the left brain
keeps the secret
from the right
that your only comfort for the day
had been in thoughts of some...acide
now your applause is nothing
hitting nothing
in the dark

Last few words: 
just gonna chuck one out there ill rub the scabs off later
Editing stage: 


I think that this work is in the prevailing mood of the season. Self-doubt is a matter of promise in these trying times. I like the raw edge of what you say here. Simple words and thoughts that strike home. Only crit. is of a typo. [acide] should be [aside]. I hope that we will be able to give you encouragement and help in developing your work. Feel free to take advantage of the workshops that we have and don't forget to enter the monthly contests. If you have questions, you can reach out to just about anyone here on site. If we don't know the answer, we will direct you to someone who does. ~ Geezer.

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thank you for your comment i really appreciate a critical eye to whatever degree but the typo you mentioned may not have been, acide as in homicide or suicide or genocide or whatever atrocity lends itself to the suffix. thank you for paying attention.

author comment

I loved your "clap happy" mood,
didn't get the "acide" ... what am
I missing?

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