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The apocalypse is tomorrow
so batton down your lungs with the red earth
wet the dust to make clay
cover yourself in what you think is your worth,
The apocalypse is tomorrow
but throw your sorrows away.
We don't need them in this deathland
we care no more about what you say.

The apocalypse is today.
An unfamiliar came down to say, "I love you.
All things must pass - even the rains."
and "Whatever happens, I am above you."
The apocalypse is today,
I watched the crowds congregate beneath the final cloud
ballasted in temperamental shadow, painted
in the sticky mirage of what makes 'em proud.

The apocalypse is now
toss your shoes and blister your feet
to the endless bonfire of chance,
along this road your maker you'll meet.
The apocalypse is now
so give me despair and glory
gimme crepuscular rays and dehydration
burnt chapters to end each story.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Written in the desert.
Editing stage: 


Crashes, and Gong, and all.. it has the attitude of Slam Poetry. But without the dut.. dut cadence. I am reminded of an ongoing series of Haiku I write with a person on another site. "Satanic" Haiku.

Thanks for sharing,

Fuck the Revolution, bring on the Apocalypse. JK

It's coming one day revolutionaries all ready here. Apocalypse destine to appear. who will stand in the wake of it

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Neopoet Community

I said to you in PM that to talk of religion or politics is not good but there are some aspects that can be written about without causing harsh debates, Good Luck, The end is Nigh,
Yours Sparrow xx

I saw four riders
All dressed in funny white robes
My eyes were burning

There a new door was opened
I walked into the light

Where is your heaven
Let me see that I may judge
Hold my words if true

Tell me where is your God now
Let's live together in peace

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Nice one, bro.keep up the good work.


It is slower and caused by Corporations.
Perhaps I missed the metaphor.

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