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An American Prayer

An American Prayer

A Salute to former singer
for The Doors..,
(James Douglas Morrison )..,

* Awake !
Is everybody in ?
The ceremony is about to begin !
Like a dog without a bone,
Within this life there remains a lot of pain ?
Just wanting to share..,
We filed slowly into the vast auditorium..,
The voice then continued:
'What hurts you the most ?'
Never once Jim did I think you were insane..,

All you wanted to do was just get away to Paris ?
I can see this for you man,
I can dig this !
An aura to visualize this deeper in my minds eye..,
A mere Apollo's idol eye !
Although this charismatic poet had once cried..,
You had finally stripped away the cosmic aura..,
To find its deeper hidden meaning..,

At the pivotal point of its center core..,
Screaming, 'More, More !!!!'
We really needed to ask the late lizard king ?
We will forever reflect upon what we had truly missed..,
In Amsterdam he had made quite a few stops..,

Try a little of this,
Just a hit of that..,
Both dodging The Doors along with the cops..,
The women would so often swoon over Jim !
Just like Elvis did by moving both of his hips..,

For Jim there was no need for the use of Viagra ?

Always would often splurge on lobster !
With this guy,
Never would he settle for a plain ham on rye..,
Then the guitarist Robbie Krieger got that black eye ?
The blue bus was calling Jim Home !
She dances on a ring of fire !
Throws off a challenge with a shrug !

Raymond Daniel Manzerick, Robbie Krieger, John Densmore and Jm Morrison !
Let's trip to the desert fellas !
Let's swim to the moon !
On a cosmic spiritual quest to host !
An American Prayer 4..,

Having the aura of some hypnotic super frenzy !
Rest in peace Jim !
Forever in heaven along with Pam !
You finally broke on through to the other side !

Now we could only visit you along grave side ?
Awake to seize the day !
There lieth in the lingering distance !
For us an enchanting opened door !

Fly away Mr. Mojo Risin' to the lngering distant shore !
By Mario William Vitale

Editing stage: 


This is an interesting ode/apostrophe ( I'm afraid I don't know much of anything about these musicians, I've only heard of them. I get the sense from your poem that they were a big part of your life. I know that losing an idol is devasting. Losing Chuck Berry this weekend certainly shook the entire music world. Without him there would be no rock and roll.

The world of poetry also lost someone on Friday, Derek Walcott. I didn't know his work, but my teacher did and he let me know of the loss. It's strange for me, not being connected to them, but I know the feeling. Losing Robin Williams and Gene Wilder hit close to home. They were so important in my childhood and my love and admiration of them continued until adulthood. Losing them feels like losing my two favorite uncles.

I see that you've marked this poem as a rough draft. Any thoughts on what you would like to work on? I'd be happy to chat about ideas.


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