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alliens and hedgemony

aliens are not necessarily travelers or seekers
they just have the shadow of death cloud among
knowledge of the function of its sting - its appropriateness
free from the illusionary effects of cinematography
controlled monsters on the 2,3,4, channels
what of the infinite channels, grow before you
into steep providence of tethers jackknifed
is man juice to another mans day, perhaps they are
the harps that zest the heart to music
plot to play to ease temporary maliciousness
on aliens who are the real dangers of the mind.
seven warships crowd the biological data
that were eye groomed the viscosity
transfused blood, yes- the hope and the sickness
terrorism is the wanton to think the soul must float
to go, metabolic aliens of the gas stations
drinking only water of the chemical
chatting with fellow machines after intercourse
this gives birth to more speed, more efficiency
praises of the diehard refueled alienation
stranded for on passport stakes hold
in its voice of the night , the strangulator
a bogeyman with undersized growing pains
found he could speak to lizards- so to practice
such, in the face of the world is madness
televised attentiveness, took him further the shore
in his lizards world of communion
and the emperors throne- a tail diversion
implicit on lucrative selling the organs
-this is the advice the lizard proffered
cause of the thrifts at the umpteenth sands
are diamonds in the eyes, starlit to the night
moonlight of pale bearers to be kicked
when have lizards ever kicked a bucket-
the man knowing this, that's why he sought
to speak with the lizard, and somewhere
i was in the woods when i watched him
and the delusional dimensions, i did not
see any throne blazing of gold as the
man claimed [ which was why the interruption,
not seeing a man practice welcoming folktales,]
he spoke of how the lizard spoke of how
they desecrated his land littered with sacrifices
like shortening time by acquiring
alien beasts performing near miraculous,
being its repulsive aggressor and knowing
demure of a man speak to empty shapes,
and spoke to lizards blessings and sage-hood
i leave the man to the attention
of his own attention, so i depart
knowing it was his transition of death
vendettas immolation, a dreams sculpture, where to discover loss

harness steads for the big apple

mist jumps between the lake and its solvent
a threshing floor and its attainment to the cradle
needles of dwarf, how long it would have been
when i entered a newspaper babbles of the caption
rock hedges and the weltering mazzed ants
still in pursuit of the bid to eat a sweet thing
this is an abominable prejudice the first brickman that comes,
kindled in the dross and scapement doing wrong
and in the districts, he stones break the streetlight
the break of such are encirclements of loft waves
tidal aggression of the seas foe, the enemy of man
not much more will have tendered fraudster
huckster as shallow trees impinged in horology
no imperatives gait, but that which walks in its darkness
nameless and darkness to have a name
guardian to glean over the spiracle of Taurus waxes
in lucky enbalments of finding magnets and slur,
if astronauts are but fugitive- this is the sea
and only one apple can prop- THE FORBIDDEN APPLE
on my way to one grocery store mans house, yawning
i saw an unattended groom to toon... fast-forward
Galileo spark on the winds to blow curator of clouds
know this - without unknown vehicles to
teleporters of time- what hair of the scientists don't rust
or in those beasts and the assurance of their possession,
there are four rains that now break seven winds
- see it by the darkened apple to lose the sky- tattoo

the chapel boy

there was this chapel flower
a Kingcup as it was beside a Buttercup
known by the tip of the eye touch,
always in its glance of being in view,
a lance,of the immured ruffle,
and just a signpost- already of this
flower tastes and smooth the cleaved
crunched if it was a tree with fruits flourish
of every horn, that of even the morning trains,
steamrolled from puff and flare to coal ,
or squelching on the squeal of motor-tares
palanquin terrestrials was made the old time carrier,
why i say so is this- flowers are also
carriers of time and dine with forks
shaved on the debris of sweet delight,
while some die after the convulsive
left of their creeping there as creatures
even to the monarchical pongs , dungs.
people being the detritus all this time-
of the petal to the flames near- Aflames!
bringers to chime of the distant knell,
kneeling in its glorious rehabilitation
for absence it fells of the distant nearness
pedlars gnash between the vouchers of a teeth

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This is very well written rhythm-wise
I have a couple of suggestions

It is very, very long, and you may find that many may give up on reading it
Also, it is very convoluted - many of your metaphors went over my head - in fact most of the write did....

I see you are from Nigeria... I presume, from the title, that this poem references political - and I'm ashamed to say, I know little about the politics of your country.

I would suggest, if you are able to without spoiling what you are saying,, you break this into parts, and post them separately ... I think you might get more readers completing the read if you do

As I said, it is well written
love judy

'Each for the joy of the working, and each, in his separate star,
shall draw the Thing as he sees It, for the God of Things as They are.'
(Rudyard Kipling)

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