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alive hectare

serve on the dishes for table nine,
they wish ham in the advent of harm
charm swipes, beloved, to cater daily needs
and this Chinese man sushi alive
imperatives of table ten too, served
doorposts in the white haired convene,
brunette and blonde, the skin of waters;
suffering means nothing if suffering does not feel
butlers bring the kingcup, eye liners, ocean liners

the inception was given this exception
voices rang " the caller of table two" -
graveyard shadows, tabled grief eat that
secret of the sunshine clown, up and down
so quick and it disappears as the rainbow.
jalopy mailmen bring these bruises
the warden cured it quarterly, not yet time
but there is always space for the sunrise
steries and i not include my- , why?
the pronouncement were more like me,
though i meant , my star,my galaxy, my orbits
the preservation of putrid nature
pole star glittering like Taurus ivy morel,,
stars of flowers, the projection of windows
casement on the lonely hectare back shine
o honey; bitterer the bile when swallowed.

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Don't be a dick.
Tell me what it means.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

the meaning is that-- as i said graveyard shadows grief

author comment

It comes and goes.
You think it means something though and that is your delusion.
A lie.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

a calmer write then the usual
and more drawn the clarity!
Nothing too deep..
The longing but the regret is not
poised as much here...
The mention of much of the living
without comparison does not
kill the joy!

I like it very much!

Graveyard Shadows! a great line..
many fear death more then they fear
life so they become angry
and shaken
FOr what they have done to the living
in case there is an Afterlife!!

If there is there is...
if its just sleeping great!
I live in this Life
and its hard

easier to swallow the bitterness
then slew it out

I said this before
I like the style of your work

Thank You!

The world around you is mostly alien to the majority of Neopoets.
Of death at the drop of a word life so cheap it costs that of a bag of mealy.
To walk in these places no matter what your life is like, there is always across the road.
I remember when you started, I said to you, write about the things that go on in your world.
But it is not only hard to write there is the picture that is not seen by others.
It is another world and I thought that you would write of the natural side where feelings flourish and change day on day, but I think you have to sort out the history seen each day from the emotions and then write of both worlds, one for your history and the other for the reading material for others.
I will leave that up to you,
Take care out there, Yours, Ian

Give critique to help keep Neopoet great.
Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

Bukowski that they wrote everything..

Because it is what it is as the Italians say
and they Live
and have been through the mill
as any others..
Myself Native here so we
went through our learning curves
If we sat back taking it we would
not be anywhere

Stienbeck wrote of some interesting
Sam McGee was about a cremation
My dads favourite poem
and freezing to death
Nothing to shy away from
those writers

Nature is things rising like our flowers
and then comes the frost
or summers violence in floods fire
famine and droughts

Why I like your writings so much
they are truthful
and honest peices set to the real

Thank You

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