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• Fibre Song •

I'm fibre, made by the Owner of hands
given to quack and professional tailors,
to measure,rule, chalk or pen me, and cut with razor or scissors,
to sew me with machine.

Different needle design countless holes that pierce my pile,
and left "o tèle àrá" to stitch inside of me.

Women and men, fashion names for me
when they look at the big album of styles and designs.
Some call me styles like Àgbádá, Bùbá, Aso óké,
and some classic local styles I cannot mention.

Oh, my Creator, why have I come to this nation?
where needle and thread mêlée against me.
Am I not meant to cover shames of some people?
Why do toys and animals wear me?
"And now, I'm crazy in the body of men!"

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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