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Recording your poetry. Live readings.

Could I get some general feedback on who is interested in live readings? Apart from the extra dimension of your own voice and expression in your work it would be particularly useful in Meter workshops, like "Meter Is Our Friend ".

All you need is a microphone, either plugged into your computer, most laptops have built in mikes, I've found a headset with mike most useful. Virtually all phones can record your voice.

Then the software to upload. is easy, intuitive and you don't even have to join. Great for workshops but it is not archival. Soundcloud is my choice, it is free, archival and can direct link to social networks if you choose. If you want to get technical and especially keep a copy backed up on your own computer Audacity is the choice, it is Freeware.

There is another possibility as well, live audio chat. That, however, I have not sorted out. It could be done with conference call on Skype but that needs a powerful computer and excellent broadband connection. Please help me if you can with this.

Anyone interested please ask me here and I will try to help.


I'm definitely interested. For some reason I think a lot of my stuff might " sound" better if read by me than it sounds being read. But I'm pretty busy at the moment in real world duties so maybe in a week or two I'll have time to pound the process through my thick skull lol.

A great Idea there, I tested the sound system and it seems great so now I can not only put some selected poems on voice I can relay other things such as talks to others ie the children, been looking for a way to do this for a while and have several gadgets that don't work but with a speaker and tape player all things are possible,
Many thanks for the update,
Yours Ian

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Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

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