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New members, old members and social media!

Hi, welcome all new ones and greeting all.
We have a page on Facebook.
Let me know your username there so I can add you to the group and you can contribute.

We don't post our own poems there unless it has been fully workshopped and the Revisions can show its evolution. Sometimes Chris (vandiemenspeak) or I will post live readings of exceptional works there, with the authors permission. You can offer your own readings if they can be audio linked eg SoundCloud, Vocaroo or YouTube etc.

Mostly we pass on favourite poems of others, quotes about poetry, useful resources, contest information, stuff like that.

Madison (Rhiannon1010) handles all our other social media accounts. If you'd like to see the Neopoet Instagram look up the_official_neopoet. She'll also post the usernames for the Neopoet Twitter and Tumblr accounts soon.

Look forward to seeing you there, chatting, arguing, whatever,


Facebook user name is Stan Holliday. And Neopoet is welcome to use any exceptional poem of mine the want if I ever write one lol

you are being humble ...jovial as usual while saying "if I ever write one"....fact is there are many of your works which can be classified as exceptional..


raj (sublime_ocean)

and I will personally record it.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

author comment

Hi. If you'd like to see the neopoet instagram, look up the_official_neopoet. I'll also post the usernames for the neopoet twitter and Tumblr accounts soon.

The tumblr blog name is neopoetofficial

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