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Weirdelf/Jess Sabbatical

At times during my near 60 years I have developed a severe aversion to poetry. I think this can be a good thing. I am many more things than just a poet. So I've been on sabbatical after 9 years with Neopoet for a while, will be back as soon as I can. So I won't be posting or critiquing but am still a member of the Advisory team and a Founding member and will offer all support to anyone or any committee I can.
Love you all and Neopoet is still the best poetry site on the web.
I urge someone to offer Maggie (emogothgirl) support in promoting Neopoet on all the various social media. We need to grow.


needs a break at times. Take it easy as your batteries recharge......stan

we all are simply
specks of emotions
falling down in tons
like the Niagara Falls
merging with the ocean
in Sydney
where friends I have many

dispensable are we all
short big or small

most importantly
the root cause of unhappiness
seeing another man
with closed eyes

on top of the hill
with his superlatives
romping around him
may be
he has nothing

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