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"To serve poet". Workshop idea.


Option One.

1 First slaughter the beast.
2. Skin very careful, poet's hides vary between very thick and very, very thin.
3. Remove all choice cuts of flesh, they can be useful.
4. Remove all organs. -The brain provides delicious varied tastes, ranging from the delicate and sweet to chewy and shrivelled lumps of bitterness.
5. The heart is the prime choice, often disguised but always huge, sometimes by disease.
6. Avoid the liver, it is often diseased.

Option Two.

1 Take the poet alive.
2. Read there poetry carefully.
3.Their poetry is never perfect. Never.
4. Show compassion, to serve the Prime Imperative of Neopoet, "Critique don't comment"
5. To restore Neopoet as a poetry workshop make each comment you give point out a flaw in the poem and offer a suggestion for improvement.
6. If you have neither the compassion or courage to do this revert to Option One.

Join this workshop to share your knowledge, experience and help other poets. It will be gentle. Have the courage and kindness to give critical feedback, or go back to a social site like Facebook.

Your choice.


The second option would be adequate, glad you only needed one stone tablet. (sorry religious ref). had to squeeze number six on there.
I had Cata chisel it out, but he has left for a while so if you can think of any additions I will have to seek him out.
Good set of rules now we must find the poets that will abide by them.
I think this calls for a Blog.. See Blog.
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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