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Notice how the 'undicvovered work' list

is mostly pretty crap poetry. Not crap poets, but their worst works.

This bears thinking about.

I go through the list often, and I find it hard to say something nice to say.

Don't be hard on yurself, we all write wrotten poems sometimes.


Haven't had the time to concentrate on undiscovered stuff lately. But nothing wrong with saying a poem needs work as long as one give a bit of specific advice. Just one good idea for a poem which is pretty bad might lead to rethinking enough to lead to major changes...................stan PS nothing wrong with skipping over a bad poem either

If any of my pieces stay in that place for more than seven days I unpublish it and will rewrite it later.
The only thing there is that the new poets must start some place, and they cannot start other than here.
I use to trawl through them a lot, but when a comment is made and they don't come back it has been a waste of time.
I put a Blog out about some of our well known poets who ignore comments on their work, and I sometimes feel that they are taking the Mick and feel that they don't have to bother replying.
This reached around fifty poems at one time so I named them.
I just can't take that much time any more, so I just pick out the new writers
When we had the number of reads counter, at least you would know when the poem wasn't worth commenting on..
Not sure about Crap poetry though, as I am a believer in that if someone has written a few lines down, it is in its self, poetry, but to make it conform to a standard that's another ball game (cliché)
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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