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Should anyone ever be suspended or banned from Neopoet?

Well, yes. I have been suspended 3 times and I deserved it. Each time was for my behaviour in chat, where I was mad, abusive and cruel. Chat is where I don't get to re-consider my reactions, but that is no excuse.

Only peevish wimps have ever complained about my presence on the site proper, it happened recently and the fool was slapped down without me having to say a word in my own defence. You know who you are, who has only posted 2 poems and panders to women. This is not a dating site.

My dear, much loved and adored Kailashana thinks no-one should ever be banned for poetry or comments on the site. Several I can think of have been, a racist hate-monger, a pederast, a fundamentalist Christian who preached hate and violence against women who choose the right to own their own bodies, someone who just attacked people without cause, nastily and meanly (yes, your Orphani, Anna), and poor old Kali, who just couldn't see beyond his private hell to see that he was doing harm.

I am an anarchist. I believe that the only true punishment for un-acceptable behaviour is ostracism. And some things are un-forgiveable.

I do not believe that not all behaviour is acceptable in the eyes of Buddha or anyone else. We all draw a line somewhere.


thing, in the elections congratulations post.

To Anna, let it go! Some fuckers are just fucking rotten (not Kali, but others who have been banned)

How would you react, Anna, if someone posted on all your poems here that you were stupid, useless, a vile slut, you ate kittens and voted Republican? And made a link to an insulting poem about you in their signature. You would probably leave. But I think any fucker who did that should be made to leave instead.

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I didn't want to reply to this thread because I'm tired of it myself. But then your question, "How would you react, Anna, if someone posted on all your poems here that you were stupid, useless, a vile slut, you ate kittens and voted Republican?" Now, I have to laugh, I'd say that was a pretty fair assessment except that I don't eat kittens,
I prefer dingos (we have a dog we lovingly call dingo dog.)

Anyway, someone came back on the group just to post a poem and make such a disparaging remark against me citing my old-womanness and my having cyber sex with Kal. Though I was surprised that all this was in her after almost 2 years, I didn't react because I know someone who talks like that after so long an absence, is just not right in the head and heart.

I'd do anything I could to *help* that person get through whatever they're going through.

Have no fear folks, I have distanced myself enough from Neopoet that what you do or don't do is none of my business. But the question is always there, what will it say about any of us if we remember what we did and didn't do. Will we have grown as individuals in order to admit that that might not have been the best action and reaction?


p.s. It's amazing and no coincidence that the best poets, imo, Esker and Pleiades are also endowed with an open mind and heart.

Funny you should mention anarchy Jess; a friend is indoctrinating me on the new Communism....(I have a book: Communism: The beginning of a new stage--A Manifesto from the Revolutionary Communist Party. USA) I'm always interested in learning something I know nothing of.

We've had several disagreements already. None of them less than respectful.

As a former AEC member I personally know how heart wrenching it can be to make the decision to suspend anybody. And it's geometrically worse to be forced by another's actions to invoke a ban. But there are times when a hard decision must be made for the good of the site and general membership. If people would just pretend they were face to face with whoever they are having a dispute with ( and thus susecptable to being punched in the nose if they went too far) I think most suspensions or bans would never occur................stan

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'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

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but I think Anna was saying no-one should be banned ever and the fear of it has lowered the standard of poetry on Neopoet.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

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I don't believe you! I'm not talking about normal cranky old arseholes like me, I'm talking about hate-mongering perpetrating, shameless unrepentant creeps.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

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If there is no way that any poet can be asked to moderate their ways on this site, (I don't mean the average "what a shit poem etc" and grumpy poets that can try to bite sometimes) It's the ones that seem to think they are some type of God that berates any poet on site, They can get the Fcuk off of our site, as we learn nothing from them and I think that Neopoet site has performed well in this direction.
Thank you for bringing this up it is relevant to change here, Yours Sparrow..

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

to throw another thought in the mix ...

i've long thought that many on poetry sites
are too precious for their own good...and too egocentric.
the majority of altercations i've witnessed here and on similar sites,
could have been so quickly squashed if only one of those involved
had acted as a grown-up, and realised that NO-ONE has the power
to MAKE you feel a certain way ... we are each responsible for
our own emotions (why can't people grasp that?)
rather than woffle on, i'll say that i think if we
could learn to ignore shite and just not get sucked into a ridiculous
cyberland (cyberland!) happening, it could go a long
way to diffusing a situation before it develops


On a separate page but on what would Buddha say? Buddha says all kinds of things but means nothing until and unless someone takes it to heart. Nothing says something like saying nothing.

We all want interaction and we hate to be ignored. Jess, I love you, but you're wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to quick to judge and fly off the handle. At least you know it. That's the whole issue in a nutshell.


In a crowded theatre if a baby begins loudly crying and making a disturbance such that others can't enjoy themselves it would be expected that the uncontrollable child would be removed until such time as it learns better. If the child still has not learned better after 6-8 years is it reasonable to expect his/her behavior to ever change? Ignoring a problem and just hoping it will cure itself seldom would work there and it seldom works here or anywhere else. After a while we ALL deserve an expectation of civil behavior......heck if even a cantankerous short tempered opinionated old fart like myself can manage to behave anybody can lol................stan

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