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Sparrow's blog

Comments and Poetry

I switch to Neopoet each morning and evening, and am usually met with no new updates. Keep writing and I wonder why.
Yes Why bother as days pass and no-one talks or reads pieces we need help with..
This is a learning place so can we get back to learning from each other, I have seen many good poems with two or three comments, yet some that because of the writer receive many comments.
Let us return to commenting on or at least reading as many poets works as we can I have mentally left Neopoet many times but after 10 or more years I will support it for as long as I can.

"Esker" (Know as Steve to many)

Words flowed,
From your thoughts most days.
Times of hardship had their ways
Yet through the clouds you shone.

A man singing your song
Now gracing heavens door
We still hear your words
We still follow the score.

Thank you young Wolf
Your cry is heard.
In the forests and glades
Cities where we played.

Across the world of poetry.
Thank you for being part
Of our days here.
Your presence felt.

As we journey on.

March top 10

This is a first
"The top 10 poets that submitted to Neopoet from March 1st - March 30th 2018"
1st -- Scribbler with 21 entries.
2nd -- Chevyvent and Iris at 18 entries.
4th -- Drey Hommies at 15 entries.
5th -- Raj at 13 entries
6th -- Lovedly with 12 entries
7th -- Trekker with 10 entries.
8th -- Weirdelf at 9 entries.
9th and 10th Valene and Sparrow with 8 entries.


Poets here keep saying that they have lost their Muses can't see where they can go, or is it just an excuse to have a break?
This is my interpretation of the nine classic muses, though I always rely on my own that is imagination and I can't seem to find a reference to this one here..
Though if I had to choose one, I think "Polyhymnia" would be in first place..

The Nine Muses.


A long story to write of you,
An Epic will that do
On many tablets as in days of old
This is how your story is told.


Tribute to the Wolf Spirit

I am of the nation
I travel far to find my family
Boundaries have we none
I knew you as you knew me
My Mother taught me so

I knew you, ” a ni wa ya”
You spoke in our tongue
But the words are of another
I am of the, “a ni sa ho ni” people
Yet I listen to you young one.

Your clan has been spread
Many left by the wayside
Yet you are still many
The largest arm of our Nation
You are our protectors

For Loved

Death and Rebirth

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

New Years Resolution

Not to comment on works of poets that cannot be bothered to reply or comment on not only my works but that of others..
We are here to learn so get use to it..
Love you all,
from A Bad Assed Sparrow

4 Generations of writing

Written By Sparrows Mother

To One I Love

When we first met just casually
Your handshake firm and strong
It awakened that spark in me
That I thought was dead so long

Two eyes so understandingly
Looking quietly into mine
Saying try to be happy again
Let your love be with mine
Before the ends of time

To ease your heart of pain
We parted for a little while
This did not break the tie
As when I came back again


I have asked two of our poets to post a poem that has the title changes.
It can be posted here as a comment, just to see the variety of poetry we can produce with just one word.
Open to all that need to change or have seen a change.
Take care out there and know that someone loves you for who you are not what you pretend to be..
Yours Ian.T


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